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We are a young and passionate team that just started this new adventure, of creating and maintaining high quality software.

We balance in-depth thinking with smart work to create transformative experiences for any screen.

We`re based in Bucharest, Romania.


Meet our Team

We have a can-do attitude backed up by more than 9 years overall experience delivering high-end, creative solutions on time and on budget.

Gabriel Stan - Partner & Full-Stack developer

Gabriel Stan

Full-Stack developer

Catalin Obreja - Partner & Full-Stack developer

Catalin Obreja

Full-Stack developer

Mihai Subtirelu - Partner & Full-Stack developer

Mihai Subtirelu

Full-Stack developer

Stefan Barbuta - Partner & Back-end developer

Stefan Barbuta

Back-end developer

Lucian Manolache - Project manager & Marketing

Lucian Manolache

Project manager & Marketing

Catalin Serban - Back-end developer

Catalin Serban

Back-end developer

Dan Alexandru Constantin - Full-Stack developer

Dan Alexandru Constantin

Full-Stack developer

Razvan Teodorescu - Project manager

Razvan Teodorescu

Project manager

Alina Miron - Back-end developer

Alina Miron

Back-end developer

Sorin Filote - Web developer

Sorin Filote

Web developer

Andreea Teodora Geru - UI\UX designer

Andreea Teodora Geru

UI \ UX designer

Cosmin Stefan - UI / UX designer

Cosmin Stefan

UI \ UX designer

Adelina Oprea - QA specialist

Adelina Oprea

Quality Assurance specialist

Oana Stratulat - QA specialist

Oana Stratulat

Quality Assurance specialist

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The technology is changing each day.

With Big data technology, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence to name a few, the complexity of development is increasing. There is always the need to build flexible and reliable applications which can meet the growing needs of users.

Programmers love to sneer at the world of fashion where trends blow through like breezes. Skirt lengths rise and fall, pigments come and go, ties get fatter, then thinner. But in the world of technology, rigor, science, math, and precision rule over fad.



Here is a few of our favorite technologies & frameworks, but we are open to new challenges as well.


Core technology of WWW content production

React & React Native

Open-source library, maintained by Facebook


Predictable state container for JavaScript apps


Structural framework for dynamic web apps


Open-source server framework


Best module bundler


Open-source SDK for hybrid mobile apps


Open-source server-side language


MacOS, iOS, watchOS programming language


Professional digital design tool


Most popular content management system


Extension of CSS3


Widely used programming language


Portable software-testing framework for web applications

Apache JMeter

Load testing tool for analyzing and measuring the performance

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